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Last 3 Weeks

Hi everyone,

As some children are now back at school, we have stopped learning packs. I shall update this page as often as possible with websites and attachments for you to have a go at. Please message me on skype or email if you have any suggestions or websites that you have found that you think other children will enjoy. 

Thank you,

Mrs Chaus :)





  • Please read as much as possible while at home. 
  • We have allocated books for your child based on their reading band. If they read all the books in their allocation, just let us now and we will add more on for them.


  • The Bitesize website has daily lessons for 15 different subjects, including: English, maths, science, history, geography, art, PE, music, french amongst many others. The interactive videos are brilliant and will allow your child to choose the areas they are most interested in. 

Oak Academy

  • The National Oak Academy also uploads daily lessons in a variety of subjects for children to access.