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Good to be Green

At Warwick Road School we believe in positive behaviour reinforcement; if a pupil makes a wrong choice, the pupil is provided with an opportunity to self- correct their behaviour.

Good to be Green!’ Positive Behaviour Scheme

‘Good to be Green’ positive behaviour scheme for children from Years R to 6.

The Good to be Green scheme provides:

  • A consistent and fair approach to behaviour management;
  • Clear systems to reward good behaviour and sanctions for inappropriate behaviour;
  • A system that allows children to take ownership of their behaviour and their rewards.

Good to be Green principles:

  • Each day is a new day.
  • Each class has a behaviour chart and each day all children begin on green to demonstrate the expectation that each day will be a positive one.
  • Children can earn privilege cards for good behaviour and manners.
  • Children know that there are consequences when making inappropriate behaviour choices.

Good to be Green Privileges:

  • All children that have not received a warning during the week will have earned ‘Golden Time.’
  • When a child shows that they are demonstrating good behaviour choices, are living by our shared values and keeping the school and class rules, they can be awarded a reward card by a member of staff.
  • When a child has received three reward card, they may choose an item from the treasure box during Friday afternoon.

Good to be Green Consequences:

  • When a child makes an inappropriate behaviour choice, they will be given a quiet and private reminder by the teacher, reinforcing positive expectations.
  • If the child continues to demonstrate unacceptable behaviour, they will be given a warning card and asked to move places or move closer to a member of staff.
  • If, despite these reminders, the child continues to behave in an unacceptable manner, they will be given a consequence.
  • Where a child receives three consequence cards in half a term, a parent will be contacted by the class teacher.
  • Each class teacher regularly discusses the class and school rules with the class. During these discussions children are taught how to consider the feelings of others and how to resolve conflicts in a positive way.

The safety of all children is paramount in all situations. Our behaviour system aims to ensure that all children respect each other and allows all children to achieve their full potential.

Have a look at our quick guide below: