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Extra Activities

If you would like to do something a little different please see some suggestions that will hopefully keep you entertained. 

Natwest Money Wise: Use this link to have a go at some money saving interactive games .

The Book of Hope: A lovely book filled with short stories and poems about hope.

Wildlife Trust 30 Days Wild: Use the 2 documents attached to go out and explore the wilderness. Some of these activities can be done outside your window or in your garden. 

Budget friendly activities: Use these links to pick and choose some fun activities. When you complete one, remember to send us a picture of skype.

Premier League Primary Stars: This a great website that links all subjects together using sport. Each week, they are setting a family challenge for you to complete. In addition, they set some fun competitions that explore a variety fof values that we instil within our children. Could you enter one?

Fire Safety: In the attachments below, read through and complete fun activities sent over by the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Team.  If you would like further advice on any of the activities, please message us and we can send over a booklet explaining. 

Guess the teacher: Staff have sent in pictures of themselves (from when they were younger). Have a go and send your guesses in to skype or purple mash. It is quite tricky! Have FUN.

Thank you key workers: Create your own poster to thank the essential workers. Attached are some templates that you can use and print or you can create your own. Make a rainbow and stick it to your window, then you could go on a walk and see if you can find any more on your journey. 

Animal Watching: Many zoos are now closed across the globe; however, they have set up live cameras so you can watch what they get up to.  Cincinnati Zoo has a live Home Safari screening on their Facebook page at 3pm, which will show a different animal every day along with an activity for you to complete as well.

Art Galleries: The Museum of Art has filmed many of their buildings for you to have a look at, these are also put to some relaxing music. Or you could look at different artefacts from the British Museum.

Around the world: Use this link to explore different art and culture around the world.

Escape Room: Have a go at getting your way out of a Harry Potter themed escape room.

Nature: If you are able to complete some of these activities.

Board Games: Have a family games night and play games from Monopoly, Scrabble, Uno or even make up your own ones. 

British Sign Language: At the moment, children are able to access this course for free.