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Lesson Focus: Equivalent Fractions (2)


Compare unit fractions or fractions with the same denominator.  Discuss how dividing something into more equal parts makes each part smaller. 

Key Questions:

  • What fraction of the strip is shaded? What fraction of the strip is not shaded?
  • Why is it important that the strips are the same length and are lined up underneath each other?
  • Can you think of a unit fraction that is smaller than 1/ 10 ?
  • Can you think of a unit fraction that is larger than 1 /3 


1. Watch the White Rose Maths lesson under 'SummerTerm1- Lesson 3 - Comparing Fractions ',  below:




2. Work through the PowerPoint questions for extra practice. 

3. Complete the White Rose Maths 'Compare Fractions' worksheets in your maths home learning pack.

4. Challenge: As a bonus challenge, children can complete the White Rose Maths extension which can be found on the last page in the PowerPoint. The challenge is not in your home learning pack and should be completed in your workbook.