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Lesson Focus: Equivalent Fractions (3)


  • look for the links between equivalent fractions to find missing numerators and denominators.
  •  look for patterns between the numerators and denominators to support  your understanding of why fractions are equivalent e.g. fractions equivalent to a half have a numerator that is half the denominator.

Key Questions:

  • Why do our times tables help us find equivalent fractions?
  • Can we see a pattern between the fractions? 
  • Look at the relationship between the numerator and denominator, what do you notice? Does an equivalent fraction have the same relationship?
  • If we add the same number to the numerator and denominator, do we find an equivalent fraction? Why?


1. Watch the White Rose Maths lesson under 'SummerTerm1- Lesson 3 - Equivalent Fractions(3) ',  below:




2.. Complete the White Rose Maths 'Equivalent Fractions (3)' worksheets in your maths home learning pack.