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Lesson Focus: Measure Capacity (1)


  • focus on the capacity in either litres or millilitres, for example 5 l and 500 ml.
  • 1000ml = 1l

Key Questions:

  • What’s the same and what’s different about capacity and volume?
  • What does capacity mean?
  • What does volume mean?
  • What do we measure capacity and volume in?
  • What unit of measure (ml or l) would we use to measure Pepsi ?
  • How much liquid is in the container? What is the scale going up in?

1. Work through the PowerPoint questions for extra practice. 

3. Complete the White Rose Maths 'Measure Capacity (1) ' worksheets in your maths home learning pack.

4. Challenge: As a bonus challenge, children can complete the White Rose Maths extension which can be found on the last page in the PowerPoint. The challenge is not in your home learning pack and should be completed in your workbook.