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Lesson Focus: Compare Mass


  • use ‘lighter’ and ‘heavier’ to compare mass.
  • kilograms are used for heavier objects
  • 500 g is less than 500 kg
  • use the  inequality symbols to compare mass. For example, 1 kg and 500 g < 2 kg

Key Questions:

  • Which item is heavier or lighter? How do you know?
  • Using the symbols or =, what can you tell me about each of the scales?
  • If I added an extra item, what would happen?
  • Can I work out how much one item weighs? Would this be more or less than the other item?

1. Work through the PowerPoint questions for extra practice. 

3. Complete the White Rose Maths 'Compare Mass' worksheets in your maths home learning pack.

4. Challenge: As a bonus challenge, children can complete the White Rose Maths extension which can be found on the last page in the PowerPoint. The challenge is not in your home learning pack and should be completed in your workbook.