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Lesson Focus: Recognise and describe 2D shapes


  •   use properties including types of angles, lines, symmetry and lengths of sides to describe the shape.

Key Questions:

  • How many angles does a square have?
  • What types of angles does a triangle  have?
  • How many lines of symmetry does a hexagon have?
  • What kind of lines of symmetry does a rectangle  have? (vertical/horizontal)
  • What types of lines can you spot in an octagon? (perpendicular/parallel)

1. Work through the PowerPoint questions for extra practice. 

3. Complete the White Rose Maths 'Recognise and describe 2D shapes' worksheets in your maths home learning pack.

4. Challenge: As a bonus challenge, children can complete the White Rose Maths extension which can be found on the last page in the PowerPoint. The challenge is not in your home learning pack and should be completed in your workbook.