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Lesson Focus: Turns and angles


  •  angles are a measure of a turn.
  •  an angle is created when 2 straight lines meet at a point.

Key Questions:

  • If we start by facing North  and make a 1/2 turn clockwise, what direction will we be facing?
  • If we face West and turn to face 1/4 turn anticlockwise , what turn have we made?
  • If we face north and make a quarter turn clockwise, which direction will we be facing?
  • What if we turn anti-clockwise? 

1. Work through the PowerPoint questions for extra practice. 

3. Complete the White Rose Maths 'Turns and Angles' worksheets in your maths home learning pack.

4. Challenge: As a bonus challenge, children can complete the White Rose Maths extension which can be found on the last page in the PowerPoint. The challenge is not in your home learning pack and should be completed in your workbook.