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Keeping you informed

We want to keep parents informed of their child's progress, and about other activities in school. We recognise that good communication benefits the whole school community.

In this section you will find information about everything that is happening in and outside of our school as well as photographs and videos of our amazing children in action.

October 2018

  • Y6 - Yorkshire Air Museum

    Published 23/10/18

    On Monday, 10th October, to mark the end of their 'A Child's War' unit of work, children from Year 6 visited The Yorkshire Air Museum.

    During a short introduction, children learned about the origins of the first flight and the subsequent development of aviation.  Museum guides will then took the children on discovery tours of the various stages and applications of early flight development through to the use of aviation during both WWI and WWII. As part of this activity, the children were guided through the ‘Gasbags to Super Zeppelins’ display to look at early military flight during WWI, followed by a ‘hands-on’ activity in Handley Page Hangar and we finished in the main T2 Hangar to discover WWII bomber and fighter aircraft. Excitingly, we got to spend some time in the Air Power Zone where pupils could play and get to sit in open cockpits. Afterwards, we were able enter a large plane and role-play parachuting.

    During all of this, speakers blared some of the music from World War II that we have been analysing. Some children 'treated' staff to their wonderful rendition of Vera Lynn's 'We'll Meet Again'.

    Children were very enthusiastic about the trip and asked some insightful questions throughout. In fact, it was decided that we will extend the unit for a few more weeks as children asked for us if they could study some of what we learned today in further depth.

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  • Y5 London Trip

    Published 11/10/18

    On Friday, 5th October 2018, Year 5 children visited the London Imperial War Museum. The journey to London was an exciting, memorable experience for the children!

    As the children entered the museum, they were greeted by a dramatic display featuring a Harrier jet and Spitfire plane suspended above a V-2 rocket.

    The children were given the opportunity to discover the story of the First World War through the eyes of the British people and the Empire, both on the home front and the fighting fronts. On display were over 1,300 objects including weapons, uniforms, diaries, keepsakes, film and art which the children were fascinated by. Many children enjoyed walking through the recreated trenches with a Sopwith Camel plane swooping low overhead whilst a Mark V Tank loomed above them.

    Throughout the trip, the children were very inquisitive and asked many questions regarding the things they had seen.

    As a bonus, the children were lucky enough to receive a guided city bus tour of London; they were able to experience the magical sights and sounds of London.

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  • National Poetry Day 2018

    Published 05/10/18

    On Thursday, 4th October, Warwick Road Primary School held an assembly in order to celebrate National Poetry Day.

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