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School News

Keeping you informed

We want to keep parents informed of their child's progress, and about other activities in school. We recognise that good communication benefits the whole school community.

In this section you will find information about everything that is happening in and outside of our school as well as photographs and videos of our amazing children in action.

May 2017

  • Mini Beast Hunt - Reception

    Published 24/05/17

    On the 24th May, Reception went on a mini beast hunt to their local park. The children were in small groups were they had clipboards and magnifying glasses, Once at the park, the children were straight on the hunt. Their excitement was flowing. It was a race to see who could find the most exciting mini beast.

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  • Reception Pirate Day

    Published 22/05/17

    On Monday 22nd May, the children in Reception had a themed day. The theme was Pirates, and all the children and staff came to school dressed with the theme in mind. The children arrived to find their classroom was decorated with Pirate ships in the classroom and peg legged pirates hanging from the ceiling.

    The children were then told of a kidnapping. Someone had kidnapped Mrs Mulliner, and the children must follow clues in order to find her. The children worked as a unit, and luckily found Mrs Mulliner.


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  • Fanwood Year 6

    Published 15/05/17

    To celebrate the hard work children have completed with their SATs preparation, the Year 6 pupils enjoyed an action-packed, fun-filled  day out  at Fanwoods on Monday 15th May.  The children did the following activities:


    • Night Line - The children followed the rope around an  extensive obstacle course which was muddy and slippery  - some of them even dared to try it with a blindfold on !

    •  Indoor Bouldering Wall- The children tried scaling the walls of the bouldering box- l it was a horizontal climbing challenge!

    • Crate Stacking- The children stacked and climbed crates until the stack toppled over and then they were left hanging in mid-air- some children likened it to flying.

    • Low- ropes- The extensive low ropes course  tested the children’s   personal endurance trials and developed the children’s ability to work as  team .



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  • Yorkshire Water Treatment Plant Year 4

    Published 11/05/17

    In May the Year 4 pupils had an opportunity to visit the Yorkshire Water treatment plant in Headingly

    Leeds. The trip was closely related to the Science Topic ‘Dangers to living things.’ During the visits children

    took part in interactive lessons to learn about the water cycle, water saving and water wasting measures.

    Experience staff provided a detailed tour of the treatment plant explaining the various processes

    undertaken in order to supply clean drinking water. Children were given the chance to wear high visibility

    clothing and role play being construction workers who had to repair a burst water pipe. The visit ended

    with an in-depth activity focusing on the differences between communities in Ethiopia and the Yorkshire

    region. They explored how villagers accessed their water supplies and the benefits of working with Water

    Aid to bring clean water and sanitation to those less fortunate than ourselves.

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  • Cliffe House Residential

    Published 02/05/17

    On Tuesday 2nd May a large group of Year 4 pupils went on a residential to Cliffe House accompanied by Mr. Bismillah, Mr. Williamson and Ms. Aswat. Our school was joined by another large group of pupils from Carlinghow Primary School, this was a great opportunity for the children to mix with children from different backgrounds.

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