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Keeping you informed

We want to keep parents informed of their child's progress, and about other activities in school. We recognise that good communication benefits the whole school community.

In this section you will find information about everything that is happening in and outside of our school as well as photographs and videos of our amazing children in action.

February 2017

  • Year 3 Tesco visit

    Published 15/02/17

    On Wednesday 15th February, Year 3 pupils went on a local walk to Tesco supermarket. The walk was designed to get children closer to the food that they eat. The day included activities such as taking part in bread making, tasting cheese and looking at where different fruit and vegetables are sourced from. These activities were closely related to our Science and Creative Curriculum topics. 

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  • Online Safety Day

    Published 07/02/17

    'To celebrate Online Safety Day, Warwick Road was paid a visit by the 'One Day!' creative company; they delivered a performance entitled 'Level Up' which was designed to educate children about the potential dangers of online gaming. It was an interactive performance, adapted for both KS1 and KS2, whereby the children had to help the online character of JoJo to stay safe. Children were informed about: identity theft, pop-pops, 'cookies', in-app purchases and inappropriate content.'

    Throughout the day all classes watched videos and did classroom exercises in order to help with awareness of potential problems they may encounter online. One of the key points we covered was who to contact and/or talk to in order to get help when needed. 

    When we spoke to children about Online Safety they had the following things to say. 

    • Don't play games if it's not age-related because if it’s not it might ask you for personal details like bank details.
    • Never talk to strangers or put photos of yourself without asking an adult.
    • I learnt how to keep safe and always tell grown- ups if I see something I don’t like.
    • Don't click on anything you are not sure about.


    'Inspired by the e-safety performance, children in Year 6 were tasked to write a persuasive argument; this would either be in favour of online gaming or against it. They spent a session collating ideas and then they discussed how they could ensure how the arguments were fair and unbiased.

    Below is the work produced by Khadija and Talhah from Class Cygnus. Both children offered arguments that were logically structured and maturely argued. Talhah was in favour of allowing children in Year 6 to play games online, while Khadija was against the idea.'

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  • Chicks Hatch in Reception

    Published 01/02/17

    In February, reception had the opportunity to hatch their very own chicks. We were delivered 12 eggs in an incubator and we all watched them closely for the first signs of the eggs cracking. The eggs were delivered on the Monday and by the Wednesday morning we had 3 fluffy chicks. Wednesday was then a very exciting day on egg watch as the eggs continued to crack and by the end of the day on Wednesday we had 5 chicks. By Friday we had 10 healthy fluffy chicks that had hatched and had now been moved from the incubator into the box so they had more room to spread their wings.

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