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Diversity Day

As part of Interfaith Week, Warwick Road School hosted a Diversity Day event on Tuesday 19th November. The day was organised by Kirklees Cohesion Team, in association with the ‘Schools Welcome!’ education Project. The Diversity Day was arranged to give primary schools an opportunity to learn first-hand about the faiths practised in our local community.

Pupils from Warwick Road School, Bywell C of E Junior School and Purlwell Infant and Nursery School took part. The morning was split into three sessions. Pupils had the opportunity to learn about Christianity and Islam. Reverend Mark lead a session about Christianity. He shared some stories about Jesus and children had the chance to look at some artefacts from the Christian religion. Mahsooda from the Kirklees Cohesion Team talked about Islam and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). She also discussed the Five Pillars with the pupils and children had the opportunity to get creative and design their own prayer mats.

The final session involved Reverend Mark and Mr Soni talking about their great friendship even though they are from different religious and cultural backgrounds. Children had the opportunity to comment on their friendship and discuss all the things that they (Reverend Mark and Mr Soni) had in common.

The Diversity Day was a great success. Children and staff taking part all enjoyed the day. The pupils had the chance to meet other children from different religions and cultural backgrounds and found lots of things that they had in common. They had the opportunity to meet different faith leaders and ask questions about their religions which promoted an understanding of a faith or belief that is different to their own. The children also had the chance to meet other children who have a different belief to their own and build friendships with them. The Diversity Day is a wonderful way to promote wider understanding of different cultural backgrounds and to help create neighbourly communities in our local area.