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Y6 Yorkshire Air Museum

On Friday 11th October, Year 6 went on a trip to Yorkshire Air Museum. This relates to what children are studying in their ‘A Child’s War’ topic, which focuses on World War II.

During a short introduction, children learnt about the origins of the first flight and the subsequent developments of aviation. The guides took children on discovery tours of the various stages and applications of early flight development through to the use of aviation during WWII. As part of this activity, children were led to the main T2 Hangar and dispersal areas to discover WWII bomber and fighter aircraft. Children were also able to look at their bomb and aviation artifacts collection.

Using a carefully selected collection of historical items used in aviation during WWII, a guide informed children of what living conditions were like in England during wartime. The ‘hands on’ display was complemented by discovery tours of our original wartime RAF site and a look at their WWII aircraft collection, including their Handley Page Halifax bomber aircraft – the only one in Europe. 

Despite the rainy weather, children were in great form throughout the day, asking and answering many questions