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Y3 Change Project

Throughout the course of the academic year, our year 3 children have participated in 'The Change Project.'  Find out what class Capella thought of their latest experience:

It’s been fascinating to watch human and robot worlds support each other as we were given another insight into engineering, this time, watching a video on metal stamping and pressing actions in industry. We discussed our findings and enjoyed using new vocabulary.

Splitting into smaller working groups, we explored further applications of forces and pressure. There are two experimental areas to the session, both require a different way of working. We sampled drawing using Spirograph cogs and wheels, and developed embossing techniques with metal stylus tools.  We noted the difference in response of our base paper and aluminium tape and enjoyed getting to grips with the differing techniques. As we gained experience and a greater understanding of rotational forces and the amount of pressure required, we learned that it required precision and control - it’s not easy!

'I have learnt that the pulling and pushing thing needs pressure. I enjoyed the Spirograph because you could push it round’

I have enjoyed using the ring and the wheel because it looked cool when we did it. I have learnt about forces and metals’

‘I had lots of fun because I learned to emboss’

‘I used a vertical pen to make a Spirograph in an anticlockwise movement. I like the Spirograph’