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YR Trip to Kola shop

On Wednesday, 23rd January, the Reception children headed on a quest to find healthy food at Kola’s shop.

Throughout this half-term, the children have been learning about a healthy lifestyle and they were excited to have the opportunity to make their own healthy choices.  Before the children set off on their trip, we wrote a shopping list together and discussed which foods we could buy that are healthy. After writing our list (which we took with us), we set off on our quest. When we arrived, the children browsed the outside of the shop and showed a great interest in all of the different foods available.  Each child had 50p each to spend and confidently chose the fruit or vegetable that they wanted - some even put their money together to buy more expensive items such as grapes and strawberries.

We ended our trip by walking back to school and looking at all the colourful, healthy fruit we had bought.