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Y3 Visit York's Chocolate Story

On Tuesday 15th January 2019, Year 3 had the fantastic opportunity to experience how chocolate is made and where it comes from.

We first visited York’s Chocolate Story; we had so much fun discovering the age of different chocolate bar brands. E.g. KitKat is as old as 1957.  We found out that chocolate starts from cocoa beans which, in its original taste, is very bitter and not so tasty! We even got to make our own white chocolate lollipops with caramel, strawberry and orange flavoured chocolatey toppings! After, we saw a chocolatier make shells of chocolate filled with cherry ganache.

We were very lucky to be part of a workshop where we talked about the characters in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and discussed ideas for an invention room. We worked in groups and thought hard about another room we could create as an addition to Willy Wonka’s factory.  We also created more chocolate – this time, we made bubble-gum flavour with a wallpaper pattern on the back!