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Y3 Greek Day

Today was a very special day we had some visitors in school who led a day full of Greek activities in Year 3 as part of our creative curriculum topic on Ancient Greek. Children arrived in school wearing their Greek costumes, this was part of homework which required children to research Greek clothing. Have a look at some of our amazing outfits below.

In the morning Children were greeted by a rich Athenian lady and a down-to-earth Spartan tutor who helped the children learn about the wisdom of the Ancient Greeks!  But Greeks are loyal to their city-state first, and great competition exists between Athens and Sparta – who will prevail?  The children will decide!

Children spent the morning visiting Athens and Sparta:

  • In Athens Children learn skills to improve their chances of surviving illnesses in Athens with help from ancient medicines. They learnt about the Greek art of foretelling and played a game answering the question ‘what does the future hold for the children visiting Ancient Greece?’ Children also learnt about democracy and had the opportunity to handle artefacts from famous Athenian landmarks.
  • In Sparta children learnt about the differing education of Spartan girls and boys, they learnt about Spartan armor and what is was like to grow up as a young Spartan. Children played some Greek games and met Archimedes, the great scientific thinker. They ended the session working with clay to make a souvenir of Greek life.

In the afternoon all the children took part in a performance of a Greek myth with costume, music and plenty of drama.  Children also learnt a Greek dance and reflected on the day.  So did they choose to live in Athens or Sparta?