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Y2 visit Tesco

The Year 2 children thoroughly enjoyed their experience of ‘shopping’ at Tesco. All the children were given £1 to purchase fruit. When the children entered the supermarket, their first task was to decide which fruit they wanted to buy and to check if they had enough money. For this, children used quick mental calculations. Some children placed themselves into groups of two and three and combined their money to purchase the fruit (if the cost was more than £1). Before going to the till to pay, the children were asked to calculate the amount of change they will be given. 


Upon arriving at school, the fruit was cut, ready to make a range of fruit smoothies! To make the perfect smoothie, the children used a range of skills, such as: fractions, quantity, measurement and reading scales. The cups were arranged in arrays, to allow the children to quickly calculate the number of cups filled.

Overall, the experience was a fantastic way for the children to apply their mathematical knowledge to a fun, meaningful and practical situation.