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World Book Day 2018

As the school was closed due to severe weather last week, Warwick Road Primary School celebrated World Book Day on 5th March, 2018. Classrooms were decorated to reflect some sort of text, and children were encouraged to come dressed as a character from a book. Please have a look at our classrooms and costumes below.

Nursery - Paddington Bear

Reception - The Wizard of Oz

Year 1 - The Night Pirates​

Year 2 - Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Year 3 - The Day the Crayons Quit

Year 4 - Stig of the Dump

Year 5 - The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Year 6 - Macbeth

Click here to see the videos of the day


An assembly was held in the morning to mark the occasion. Firstly, Fathisha Menhage was awarded with her £10 WHS voucher for successfully completing the ‘Reading Challenge’ set at the start of the year. Congratulations, Fathisha Menhage

Upon entering the hall, every child was given an envelope: inside eight of these was a Golden Ticket. Those children who found a Golden Ticket were invited to the front of the stage. Mrs Rayner and Mr Lavery hosted a series of ‘book-related’ games in which children were to compete to win a £5 book voucher. Children played ‘Blockbuster’ – they were provided with a quote/image from a book and had to correctly identify the author or character in question.

Throughout the day, and in-between reading-related activities, classes were able to tour the school and see all of the effort that the staff had made for their classrooms. Additionally, we had a ‘Stop Everything and Read’ drill – whenever it went off, children had to immediately grab a book and read in silence.

It was another highly successful ‘World Book Day’ at Warwick Road, and we thank all staff and parents for their effort.