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Year 3 Visit Tesco

On Wednesday children in Y3 had the opportunity to visit Tesco as part of their creative curriculum topic. Children split into 4 groups and each group had the opportunity to investigate fair trade products and what they are and investigate where different vegetables are grown. Children also investigated which fruits and vegetables can be brought fresh, frozen and tinned. All the children were given £1.50 to spend in Tesco on fruit, children grouped together to buy more exotic fruit which was more expensive. At the end of our trip children were able to use the self-checkout to pay for the fruit.


When we returned to school children used their senses to describe the fruit. They then had the chance to design and make their own fruit kebabs, they had to consider what colours and shapes complimented each other. Children then designed their own smoothie recipe as a group and blended the fruits to make their own smoothies. They tasted delicious!