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Power of One Anti-Bullying

Warwick Road Primary School’s children were lucky to take part in “The Power of One” anti-bullying show recently. Actors came in and used boxes, colours, and masks to vividly portray what bullying is, what can be done about it, and how every child has the power of one, the power to report and deal with bullying when they see it. The performance:
  • Explained the different roles in bullying: Bully, Target, and Bystander.
  • Showed examples of different types of bullying: Physical, Verbal, Exclusion, and Cyber bullying.
  • Alerted children that Targets need help and intervention.
  • Encouraged students not to be bystanders.
  • Emphasized the need for individual action to make the community a safer, better place.
  • Referred children to parents, adults, and teachers for further assistance and instruction.
All of the children in the audience then took the Power of One anti-bullying oath and signed a poster board showing the oath:
I will not bully others,
I will not stand by while others are bullied,
I will report and deal with bullying whenever I see it,
Because I have the Power of One.