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Sea Life

On Friday 6th May, children from year 3 and 4 spent the night at the Sea life Discovery Centre in Manchester. When we arrived, we were greeted by the lovely staff who helped us unpack our belongings and led us to the underwater sleepover destination. After this, we began our tour of SEA LIFE. We were the only school at the centre so we felt really special and had exclusive access to see all the sea creatures. Some children were very brave and got to touch crabs, starfish and shrimps in the Interactive Rock pool Experience. The sleepover hosts helped us get creative with badge making. Just before we were ready to fall asleep we enjoyed playing in the Sub Aqua Play Area. Then finally, it was time for bed. Many of us decided to sleep close to the sharks and other exotic fish. We made lots of friends on our trip; there was Earnie the Sea Turtle, Bruce and Wayne the Angelfish and Barry the Pygmy Angelfish. This was a very fun experience for all the children and the staff.