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Cliffe House Residential

On Tuesday 2nd May a large group of Year 4 pupils went on a residential to Cliffe House accompanied by Mr. Bismillah, Mr. Williamson and Ms. Aswat. Our school was joined by another large group of pupils from Carlinghow Primary School, this was a great opportunity for the children to mix with children from different backgrounds.

The visit comprised of 3 main activities:
1. Pond Dipping: This involved investigating food chains and dangers to pond life from external factors.
2. Archery: Students (in small groups)  took part under the supervision of a trained instructor and eventually competed against fellow classmates.
3. Woodland Trail: Under the leadership of a trained environmentalist the children went on to explore an undisturbed woodland looking at different habitats.
The visit was extremely rewarding for both sets of students as it enhanced their academic understanding and further developed their independent living skills.