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Year 4- Dewsbury Minster Visit

Joint Visit:  Warwick Road Primary School  and Orchard Primary Academy (Chickenley, Dewsbury)

This was an educational experience arranged by Kirklees Council to engage two schools from different catchment areas.

The day started at 9am at Dewsbury Minster where the whole group shared an introduction led by the lead organiser from Kirklees and the Vicar of Dewsbury Minster. Thereafter the 2 classes were mixed into 3 groups and spent their day in the following activities:

  1. How Christian worship is conducted inside the church at the Minster.
  2. Stain glass craft investigation and museum visit.
  3. Grave stone investigation with an art and mathematical theme.

All in all, the day brought an empathy about the historic and religious significance of Dewsbury  Minster.Futhermore,as the experience for Warwick road pupils was shared with mostly Christian pupils from Orchard Primary Academy it just made the experience that more personal.