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Bradford Media Museum

On Friday 10th June, Year 4 visited the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford. 

The children learned about important people and their contributions to science, such as Ada Lovelace and Alan Turing, as well as the women known “the hidden figures”, whose mathematical skills were crucial to the NASA space programme. The children were also able to take part in a game of battleships and an experiment designed to demonstrate how hard it is to land on the moon!

The children explored the Kodak Gallery, in which they learned about the history of photography. Then, after a quick bite of lunch, we explored the Wanderlab, where the children were able to explore live experiments on sound, heat and light.

The grand finale was getting the chance to experience the 3D IMAX cinema, in which the children were captivated by a wonderful documentary on animal life in Antarctica.

We all had a fantastic day!