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Great Fire of London

On Friday 9th October , Year 2 had a visit from a firefighter. Children were given a fire safety talk and were advised on what to do if a fire ever occurred. Children were able to draw upon their knowledge from a previous fire drill and could explain that you leave immediately from the nearest exit, alert and adult and call 999. The firefighter deepened their knowledge by explaining what happens at the fire station when firefighters are called to attend a fire. He started off by explaining that the majority of fires are started by human error and how you can prevent such errors from occurring by: checking fire alarms, not leaving candles or open flames unattended and making sensible decisions to keep safe when near a fire/bonfire. The fire fighter also explained that within the 21st century, firefighters now also help with other types of incidents such as: helping at sea, helping people who have been involved in a car crash and rescuing animals. This service is known as the Urban Search and Rescue (USAR).

Within the discussion, the firefighter compared the fire service and equipment used in the modern day to 1666 when the Great Fire of London occurred. The children again used their knowledge to answer questions and give examples. The firefighter showed the children some of the equipment he used. He demonstrated how to put them on, as well as explain when and why they would be used. Children were picked to try on the items and raced to see who could put them on the quickest.  At the end of the visit, the children asked the firefighter some of their own questions about fire safety and about his experience as a fireman. Children also had the opportunity to take pictures and explore some of the equipment.