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In the week beginning Monday 3rd February, the school held an annual ”Mathionaire” competition for the children. The children who were chosen to participate were given specific areas of maths to revisit in advance. On the days, children were given random combinations of questions to calculate using their prior knowledge. There were 16 questions altogether for each year group. Each child faced 4 questions which were more challenging as they advanced. The first set of questions were worth 1 housepoint, 2nd = 3 housepoints, 3rd = 5 housepoints and 4th = 10 housepoints. The questions were read out to the children and they could use their whiteboards to calculate these. Children were also able to use two lifelines – 1) ask a teacher (method only) 2) 50/50. We aimed to have a champion house, which was yellow house with 110 points. Overall, all the children prepared fantastically well. I would like to thank all the children, parents and teachers for helping the children to prepare and learn these words - fantastic!