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Chicks Hatch in Reception

In February, reception had the opportunity to hatch their very own chicks. We were delivered 12 eggs in an incubator and we all watched them closely for the first signs of the eggs cracking. The eggs were delivered on the Monday and by the Wednesday morning we had 3 fluffy chicks. Wednesday was then a very exciting day on egg watch as the eggs continued to crack and by the end of the day on Wednesday we had 5 chicks. By Friday we had 10 healthy fluffy chicks that had hatched and had now been moved from the incubator into the box so they had more room to spread their wings.

The following week, the chicks were stronger and all the children who wanted to had the opportunity to hold the chicks. The yellow chicks were boys and the brown chicks were girls.

Reception loved the experience of hatching and watching the chicks grow over the two week period.