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Keeping you informed

We want to keep parents informed of their child's progress, and about other activities in school. We recognise that good communication benefits the whole school community.

In this section you will find information about everything that is happening in and outside of our school as well as photographs and videos of our amazing children in action.

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  • Autumn Spelling Bee

    Published 09/12/19

    On Thursday 5th December, for KS1 and Friday 6th December for KS2, the school held a spelling bee challenge for the children. The children who were chosen to participate were given words to learn in advance. On the day, from those words children were given random combinations to spell correctly. We aimed to have a champion per year group, but for many this wasn’t possible because of how well prepared some of the children were! The children subsequently won points for their team: 40 for the winner, 30 for 2nd place and so on. All children were very enthusiastic through this and enjoyed this event very much. I would like to thank all the children, parents and teachers for helping the children to prepare and learn these words. Fantastic!

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  • YN Trip to the Park

    Published 02/12/19

    On Friday, 29th November, the Nursery children and their parents explored Hyrstlands Park.

    In Nursery, the children have been learning about autumn this half-term and they were excited to get the opportunity to look for all the different signs of autumn.

    The day before the trip we discussed going on a leaf hunt with the children.  They were excited to show their parents how to follow the tick sheet to find all the different objects in the park.

    As soon as we arrived, the hunt was in full swing. The children took great delight in finding leaves of all different colours and sizes, berries and more. Mrs Glover and I were really impressed at the range of rich language the children were using; narrating their experience to their parents.

    After a fun morning collecting as much as they could, we finished the trip by visiting the climbing frames in the park. The children were keen to explore the equipment and put their physical skills to work.

    A lovely day was had by all!

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  • Y4 Trip to Dewsbury Minster

    Published 29/11/19

    Our visit to the Dewsbury Minster 

    Today, Year 4 went on an amazing visit to the Dewsbury Minster.  We learned a lot about the faith of Christianity. For example, we were told about the font and how babies are baptised and become a member of the church. Even grown-ups can be baptised. We discovered fascinating facts about Dewsbury and how Christianity first came into Dewsbury in AD 627. There were plaques on the church walls to symbolise important people or families who have passed away. We learned many new terms related to Christianity: Bishop, Vicar, altar, font, organ, baptism, chalice and paten.

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  • Y6 Stump Cross Cavern

    Published 28/11/19

    On Thursday 21st November, Year 6 visited the Stump Cross Caverns in Harrogate to explore the details and history of caves.  We were taken on a tour, in which we all had to wear hard helmet hats to travel underground in our quest to explore the caves.  In the caves, we had opportunities to see many different fossils, rocks, and more importantly stalactites and stalagmites as part of our geography topic “Frozen Kingdom”. While exploring the cave, we discussed and viewed how these stalactites and stalagmites also established amazing formations, such as “The Cradle” and “The Wedding Cake”. We were also lucky enough to view the phenomenal light show that was displayed in the cave. The children ended their day by watching a movie on the process of formation, while eating their lunch in the cinema room.


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  • Diversity Day

    Published 21/11/19

    As part of Interfaith Week, Warwick Road School hosted a Diversity Day event on Tuesday 19th November. The day was organised by Kirklees Cohesion Team, in association with the ‘Schools Welcome!’ education Project. The Diversity Day was arranged to give primary schools an opportunity to learn first-hand about the faiths practised in our local community.

    Pupils from Warwick Road School, Bywell C of E Junior School and Purlwell Infant and Nursery School took part. The morning was split into three sessions. Pupils had the opportunity to learn about Christianity and Islam. Reverend Mark lead a session about Christianity. He shared some stories about Jesus and children had the chance to look at some artefacts from the Christian religion. Mahsooda from the Kirklees Cohesion Team talked about Islam and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). She also discussed the Five Pillars with the pupils and children had the opportunity to get creative and design their own prayer mats.

    The final session involved Reverend Mark and Mr Soni talking about their great friendship even though they are from different religious and cultural backgrounds. Children had the opportunity to comment on their friendship and discuss all the things that they (Reverend Mark and Mr Soni) had in common.

    The Diversity Day was a great success. Children and staff taking part all enjoyed the day. The pupils had the chance to meet other children from different religions and cultural backgrounds and found lots of things that they had in common. They had the opportunity to meet different faith leaders and ask questions about their religions which promoted an understanding of a faith or belief that is different to their own. The children also had the chance to meet other children who have a different belief to their own and build friendships with them. The Diversity Day is a wonderful way to promote wider understanding of different cultural backgrounds and to help create neighbourly communities in our local area.


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  • Y2 Trip to the Science and Media Museum

    Published 19/11/19

    On Monday 18th November, Year 2 visited the Science and Media Museum in Bradford to explore the depths of space.  We were taken on a voyage, from the earliest paintings of planets to today’s super-high definition photographs of deepest space.  At the museum, we had the opportunity to get up close to a meteorite, come face-to-face with a Mars lander, discover what space sounds like and explore what the Moon smells like.  We used the telescopes to see the Moon up close and some of us had a go at drawing the Moon and its many craters. 

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