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At Warwick Road Primary School, we believe in order to develop children into leaders and innovators of tomorrow, our children must be equipped with the range of skills for the 21st century. We are also aware that children come to school as ‘digital natives.’  As Douglas Adams quotes “Everything that’s already in the world when you’re born is just normal.”

Children enter reception with knowledge and skills of computing and many are able to use tablets and computers.  Children are brought up around technology and at ease with technology.  However, we also understand that children often lack the knowledge, skills and understanding required to stay safe online.  We, therefore, place a great emphasis on the teaching of Online Safety (more information can be found on our Online Safety page).

The necessity for pupils to develop their skills in computing is of utmost importance. The school invests carefully in its computing provision: we have a state of the art wi-fi system, a computing suite and a set of 60 laptops so that technology is accessible in classrooms and around school. The school is well-equipped with interactive whiteboards in each classroom and a computer suite which provides computer access. 
Computing is taught discretely during an hour-long session per week, in KS1 and KS2. Teachers also use the laptops to develop digital literacy skills in other lessons, using ICT as a tool to support and encourage learning.

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