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Year Four - Classes Polaris and Rigel

Teacher welcome

Hello and welcome to Year 4. Year 4 comprises of Classes Polaris and Rigel. Both are named after stars in the night sky. Polaris is the brightest star in the constellation of Ursa Minor and Rigel is found in the constellation of Orion.

  Adults working in Year 4 are:

  • Mr A R Bismillah - Class Teacher Rigel
  • Mrs A Kola and Mrs S Daji - Class Teachers Polaris
  • Mrs S Arshad -  PPA Teacher
  • Miss A Gora - HLTA
  • Mrs N Hussain -  ETA
  • Mrs C Rawling – SEN Support

In Year 4 we place an emphasis on a zeal for learning by creating a love for learning. Children are motivated to understand learning is for life albeit teachers are here it is very much a personal lifelong journey.

Information for Parents

  • PE for Year 4 is on Monday afternoons. Please ensure your child has a labelled PE kit in school for this day.  It is important that your child does not come to school wearing jewellery or earrings on this day as they will not be able to participate.
  • Spellings are handed out at the start of each half term. The list will comprise of 6   spelling lists. A list for each week of the half term.  Please help your child to learn their spellings each week.
  • Homework will be given out every Thursday and must be completed by the following    Monday.
  • Reading books will be sent home during the week. Please ensure your child brings back their reading book(s) once they have finished reading it.
  • Swimming takes place on Tuesdays. The girls go swimming in the mornings and the boys in the afternoons. Children must bring a swimming costume or trunks (no shorts), a towel and a swimming cap. No jewellery, including earrings, is allowed during swimming lessons.

Our class rules and rewards

We expect children to attend school regularly and on time. Our school day begins at 8:45 am and finishes at 3:15 pm.

We have a set of class rules which we expect all children to follow. These are:

  • Listen when the teacher and others are talking.
  • Put our hand up to answer or ask a question.
  • Keep our classroom tidy and respect all property.
  • Concentrate and finish our work on time.

We have a saying in our year group which underpins self-analysis and constant reflection about our attitude to learning, “Actions are according to intentions.” Additionally, we try to  broaden this mantra to our general behaviour in and outside the classroom as it very much addresses quickly any undesirable behaviour both in terms of their learning and general dealings with other pupils and adults.

In addition to the whole school Good to be Green behaviour scheme, children in Year 4 pupils also have the opportunity to earn individual raffle tickets.

Aside from English and Maths, children are seated in mixed ability tables. We have a table championship operating each half-term based on table points. At the end of the day the table that has the most points are the winners for that day. The table with the most wins at the end of the half-term are the ‘table champions’ for that half-term. The idea is to promote a healthy air of competition whilst maintaining good cooperation amongst pupils on each table with their table members.

Our class targets

  • To ensure rapid progress is made in reading, with a specific emphasis on extending thinking and responding to text in depth.

 We aim to achieve this objective by ensuring guided reading is taking place regularly in Year 4. We provide children with a wide range of texts to read in class and books are taken home regularly (from the reading room and the class library). Children are tested half-termly and this assessment data is used to inform grouping and differentiation. Year 4 interventions are jointly planned and monitored by the Year 4 team and shows progress is being made.

  • To ensure children are provided with increased opportunities to apply mathematical knowledge to a wide range of problem solving scenarios.

 We aim to achieve this objective by ensuring children are provided with increased opportunities to apply mathematical knowledge to a wide range of problem solving scenarios both inside and outside the classroom.

Upcoming and exciting events

Our school trips and experiences are currently linked to our Creative Curriculum and Science topics.  Year 4 will be visiting:

Royal Armouries: as part of our study on the Celtic and Roman civilisations the children will visit the museum to explore artefacts and other archaeological evidence.

Kirklees Music School: a vocal workshop and a demonstration of how instruments produce sound will be delivered by professional musicians.

Ancient Greek Day: experienced historians will involve the children in re-enacting scenes and real life events from that time period.

Scarborough Sea Life Centre: as part of our science we will visit the the Sea life centre where children will have the opportunity to see over 2000 amazing creatures and follow the journey of rehabilitating seals in Yorkshire’s only Seal Hospital.

Yorkshire Water treatment plant:  this will give the children a greater understanding of ‘the dangers to living things’ as well as embedding their knowledge about the fundamental need for fresh clean water, which they will learn about during the science topic of ‘human nutrition’.

EDF West Burton Power Station: children will experience an interactive and fun environment, which is equipped with a solar pV system and rain water harvesting

How parents can help at home

Reading at home: please try to read with your child at least 3 times a week. Reading books from the school library and from our reading areas will be given during the week (we aim to change the books every Tuesday and Friday). Please ensure your child brings back their reading book(s) once they have finished reading it.

Times tables at home: please aim to help your child to become fluent in their multiplication tables up to the 12 times table. This will be monitored regularly by timed multiplication activities.

Online learning at home:  please ensure that your child is able to access the school online learning resources namely: Success Maker, Maths Factor, Bug Club and DB Primary.  We regularly screen their progress on all their online resources. These programmes can be accessed through the Parents section of the school website.