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Sports Premium

Sports Premium

Sports Premium spending at Warwick Road Primary School

Since September 2013 the school has received additional government funding specified as ‘Sports Premium Funding’.  This extra funding must be spent on improving the provision of Physical education (PE) and Sports in the school. 

In 2015/16, the school received £9,355 in sports premium funding.  It was decided that to benefit the pupils, the funding would be used for the following outcomes:

  • To improve sports facilities and equipment.
  • To increase the number of participants in sporting events.

The school identified that limited outdoor facilities meant that pupils were missing out on the opportunity to develop their physical abilities.  The school was successful in securing additional funding, and together with the sports premium funding - was able to make sustainable improvements to the outdoor environment.  This included installing a challenging trim trail to give the children a variety of challenges that cover balance, upper and lower strength, core stability and gross motor skill development.  The children love the new trail and happily take turns each day to conquer the obstacles that helps to make them physically stronger.

  • Offer pupils the opportunity to try various sporting activities.
  • Improve/replace outdated resources.
  • Encourage the development of healthy and active lifestyles.
  • Contribute towards the Skillforce programme and the Junior Prince’s Award for year 5 children.


    So far this year:

  • Key Stage 2 pupils were given the opportunity to attend a football match at Old Trafford Stadium to watch Manchester United v. Fenerbahce. The trip was very successful and all the children and staff who attended had a fantastic time!
  • Groups of children from KS1 and KS2 have had the opportunity to attend a number of Sports Hall Athletics events throughout the year. The children learnt new skills and met many other children from the partnership schools.
  • Young Leaders School Sports Training – A group of gifted and talented Yr5 and 6 pupils attended a course aimed at developing confidence, leadership, organisational and communication skills. They were given the opportunity to meet and work with pupils from neighbouring schools and devise a range of practical activities and competitive games.
  • Projectability Festival – Children went to Batley Sports Centre where they rotated around a circuit of various physical activities to challenge and develop their skills.
  • Bikeability training - A group of pupils from yr5/6 were taught skills of how to ride a bike safely on local roads. 
  • Change 4 Life Festival – Reluctant PE participants were selected to attend the C4L festival at Batley Sports Centre. The children were given the chance to experience different types of sports games with other similar children.
  • Year 5 and 6 enjoyed a full day of cricket coaching where they learned the skills of batting, bowling and fielding from two experienced and professional cricket players. A group of children were selected on this day to take part in the Kwik Cricket qualifiers against other neighbouring schools.
  •  Cricket coaches who held a sports session at school selected a group of children to compete against other local schools in the Cricket Qualifier.
  • Throughout the year, the children have had the opportunity to sign up to the following after school clubs: Football Clubs, Martial Arts Club, Multi-Sports Club, Exercise Club, Movement Club and Skill-development Club.
  • Year 5 children were provided with the opportunity to apply for a Sports Leader position, a role that would involve leading sports and games at lunchtimes in year 6. The children underwent an application process where after showing initial interest, 20 pupils were shortlisted to be interviewed by a panel of staff members. 10 children were successful in securing a position as a Sports Leader.
  • Skillforce – Since the beginning of the academic year, year 5 children have been taking part in The Junior Prince’s Award, a Skillforce programme that is nationally recognised for sports leadership, first aid and navigation. It involves an extensive and various range of activities that aim to develop confidence, resilience as well as leadership and teamwork skills. It helps young people to enjoy and value learning, whilst acquiring skills for life.


    The programme is a unique combination of reflective learning and practical activities, which enable learners to connect with their goals and aspirations, whilst helping them to value their own skills.


    Programme content includes:

  • Teambuilding and problem solving challenges
  • Team sports
  • Outdoor pursuits, including camping out for a night
  • First aid training
  • Navigation skills
  • A social action project
  • Material on Remembrance and respect in which learners complete a log book to record and reflect on their achievements.


Forthcoming Events / After-school clubs

  • Mission Active – All Year 4 children will be taking part in the North Kirklees Mission Active week focusing on health and involving as many sporting opportunities with cross-curricular links, as possible.
  • Sports Leader training.
  • Girls Cricket Tournament at Mount Cricket Club.
  • Skillforce residential to Kingswood: Dearne Valley.
  • Warwick Road School Sports Day at Hyrstlands Park!


The impact of this provision has been:

  • Increased take up of extra- curricular activities.
  • Higher achievement in weekly PE lessons. 
  • Increased participation in competitive school sport.
  • Improved personal health and wellbeing.
  • Positive attitudes and behaviour towards sport and learning.
  • Impact of the Skillforce programme – All year 5 children have spoken very positively about the Skillforce sessions and always look forward to the next one. The programme has been successful in developing the children’s understanding of the importance of skills such as teamwork, and the strengthening of trust, courage and resilience. Many of the year 5 children are now listening and communicating better with their peers and concentrating more in their lessons.


    We aim to continue to develop the schools clubs, both lunchtime and after school. We will also continue to provide a balanced PE Curriculum to enable and encourage pupils to adopt a healthy lifestyle and find a sport they will enjoy.