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School Council

The school council consists of two representatives per class from Year 1 through to Year 6.

The Year 6  council representatives are elected through pupil voice, and are given the additional responsibility of being President and Vice-President.

During the first week of term,  prospective school council representatives from Year 1 to Year 5 are invited to give a speech to their class explaining how they will represent their views on the school council.  Each class then has a secret ballot to choose their two representatives.

The school council endeavours to meet fortnightly and discusses all aspects of school life.  In the next 12 months they will be involved in fundraising activities,  partnerships with other school councils and discussions regarding further improvements for our school and pupils.

President of School Council – Hamza from Class Cygnus
Vice-President of School Council – Adelisa from Class Eridanus

Venus – Husnaa & Usayd

Mercury – Fatisha & Rayyan

Saturn – Talhah & Zainab

Jupiter – Edin & Hannah

Vega – Riad & Maryam

Capella – Ahmed & Khadijah

Rigel – Fatimah & Mohammed

Polaris – Shoaib & Fatima

Andromeda – Humaaira & Elmin

Centaurus – Haider & Mariyam

Eridanus – Adelisa & Uzair

Cygnus – Hamza & Talhah

This is our yearly action plan:

  • Meeting one -Councillors elected.
  • Meeting two - Introductory meeting/President and Vice President candidates decided upon.
  • Meeting three - President and Vice President elected.
  • October - School Council meet with IIP invigilator.
  • School Council create 'sleep questionnaire'  which was sent home with children to complete at home. Questionnaire shared with Old Bank Primary School - SL began to organise a 'Sleep Assembly' with Old Bank to deliver to both schools.
  • SL and selected councillors went to Old Bank to discuss the assembly, and the importance of sleep, with Old Bank.
  • Assembly to be delivered in July.
  • School Council create 'school dinner questionnaire' based on the new school dinners  which was sent home with children to complete at home and to report back to Mrs Qureshi.

Meeting one – 28th September 2016

After the school council had been elected, we all met in the staffroom for our first meeting. We celebrated the children’s success and briefly introduced ourselves. We discussed what the children knew of the school council and suggested ways in which we could take this further this year; children were asked to discuss such ideas with their classmates and feedback during the next meeting. We had another vote to determine the president and vice-president of the school council; Adelisa and Talhah were successful – well done!                       

Meeting two – 27th February 2017

On this date we met to discuss fund raising ideas for this half term. Any money we raise will be put towards the school trip fund to be used by all year groups. Some suggestions included creating an art gallery whereby children could create paintings in class and sell them; another was a sports tournament whereby the pupils would face the staff.  We agreed to go back to our classes to take suggestions from other children and report these at next week’s meeting where we will decide on which activities we will partake in.