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School Council

The school council consists of two representatives per class from Year 1 through to Year 6.

The Year 6  council representatives are elected through pupil voice, and are given the additional responsibility of being President and Vice-President.

During the first week of term,  prospective school council representatives from Year 1 to Year 5 are invited to give a speech to their class explaining how they will represent their views on the school council.  Each class then has a secret ballot to choose their two representatives.

The school council endeavours to meet fortnightly and discusses all aspects of school life.  In the next 12 months they will be involved in fundraising activities,  partnerships with other school councils and discussions regarding further improvements for our school and pupils

Our School Council


Year 1

Mercury- Muhammad Dadhiwala & Sumaiya Kazi

Venus- Talha Desai & Romana Fatima

Year 2

Jupiter - Muhammad Yusuf Patel and Aisha Bangali

Saturn - Farhaan Gora and Zahra Vahed

Year 3

Vega- Abdullah Patel & Saarah Patel

Capella- Saffiyah Laher & Isa Khan

Year 4

Rigel- Muaaz Patel & Khadijah Patel

Polaris- Ibrahim Kahut & Aishah Patel

Year 5

Centaurus- Mohammed Abed & Saarah Patel

Andromeda- Umar Dajee & Fatimah Yoosoof


Year 6

 Eridanus- Henna Subkhan & Amar Saddique.

Cygnus- Hasan Daji & Asma Waheed