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Monitoring Attendance

The attendance registers are monitored weekly to see if any patterns of absence are emerging. A text message will be sent to parents following a child's absence where no reason has been given. It is normal school procedure to telephone a child's home if absent from school and if we have concerns about any unauthorised absences.

Each week we check the attendance records of each class as well as the whole school. A chart is displayed in assembly for the pupils to see how well their class has attended. A special Governors' attendance shield is awarded to the class with the best attendance for the week. A special prize is also given to pupils and classes for achieving 100% attendance in a week and for best attendance each term.

The Role of the Attendance & Pupil Support Officer (APSO)

Mr Jonathan Marrington is our Attendance & Pupil Support Officer (APSO) who visits the school regularly to monitor attendance. We are required to inform him if there are any concerns about a child's attendance.

The school will refer children to the APSO if there are 10 or more unauthorised absences and/or if a Childs attendance level falls below 85% during a term. Once a child has been referred to the APSO, he will contact parents and arrange a visit in order to discuss a sensible way forward to overcome any attendance difficulties.

If you have any concerns about your child's attendance, or would like more information please do not hesitate to contact the school.