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Maths: KIRF

As you will be aware the government released a new statutory curriculum which we are currently following in school, with regards to the new maths curriculum there is a strong emphasis on ‘Arithmetic’. This involves instant recall of key facts such as times tables and number bonds.

Each term children are given Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFs) to practise and learn at home. These are sent home on A4 parent support sheets and include practical ideas to assist your child in grasping the key facts. The KIRFs are also practised at school. It is important that they know these thoroughly and can recall specific facts instantly.


  • To ensure that all pupils follow a broad and balanced mathematics programme based on the requirements of the National Curriculum, and delivered using a variety of teaching approaches.
  • To ensure that all pupils are provided with interesting and challenging mathematical tasks that enables them to achieve standards according to their abilities and potential.
  • To ensure that pupils can work individually, collaboratively in groups and within the whole class on mathematical tasks, to achieve the stated maths objective.
  • To allow pupils to develop as independent learners, able to make decisions about their own work when carrying out mathematical tasks.

Information for parents.