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At Warwick Road Primary School we follow the Abacus Mathematics Scheme to help us deliver the new curriculum. Follow the links below to see our yearly overview.

When following the Abacus scheme, teachers at Warwick Road ensure children access the various units in creative ways. For example, a lesson on subtracting 3-digit numbers can be taught using interactive videos (as shown below) which helps children visually understand the difficult concept of subtraction.

At Warwick Road, we have also invested extensively in mathematical manipulatives such as base 10 apparatus, numicon, place value counters, bead strings, place value cards, multilink cubes etc. to allow our children to retain difficult concepts easily. These manipulatives are regularly used in class, usually when a new unit is introduced, to ensure children have a confident grasp on the basics before moving onto more complex, abstract parts of maths.

Below you will also see a few examples of how teachers at Warwick Road plan from Abacus and teach different units. These teacher-made resources are specifically designed based on the needs of children using different interactive tools to encourage maximum learning in the classroom. We spend lots of time ensuring that our teaching resources are child-friendly, colourful and engaging so that every child is able to access the mathematical curriculum, regardless of ability.


Working Walls

Each classroom has a designated maths working wall which focusses on the unit children are learning for that specific week. The working wall displays the main learning objective of the week along with the success criteria, key mathematical vocabulary that children must use, a WAGOLL (What A Good One Looks Like) of possibly how a specific calculation should be presented and the different steps needed in order to solve a calculation.