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What is Investors in Pupils?

It is a national programme enhancing pupil participation and pupil voice in schools. It provides children with opportunities to take responsibility of their own education and behaviour whilst appreciating the resources in school which aid them. Pupils commit to common goals – together with peers and teachers. The award is governed by an Investors in Pupils Programme Board. The IIP award recognises the achievements of the whole school in five key areas: learning, behaviour, attendance, classroom management and induction (of new pupils and staff).

The Investors in Pupils award lasts for three years from the date of a successful assessment. 

How does it work?:

  • Class rules/Class Motto:

 In September, classes set their own rules thereby giving pupils ownership of their class ethos and workings. A class motto is also part of the school’s policy.

  • Class Handbook:   

Each class has a handbook with relevant information aimed at helping anyone new to the class which is reviewed regularly. This includes individual profiles of every class member and groupings.

  • Weekly Class Target:

Classes decide on a weekly class target through a process of reflection and discussion thus helping to improve the general day-to-day running of the class. A reward system is in place linked with additional Golden Time after a class meet their target.

  •  Individual Targets: 

Individual targets are set by children with the guidance of the teacher and are related to the five key areas. The children record their individual targets on the back of their reading record books which go home every Friday so the parents are informed of their child’s target.  We aim for SMART targets which are intended to last only for a short while. They are reviewed on a weekly basis and once achieved are stamped on the back of the pupil profiles in the class handbook.

  • School Council: 

Pupils are actively involved in the decision making and running of our school through the School Council. The financial reality of running a school is an integral feature too as pupils are introduced to the restrictions placed upon the school by an annual budget. Additionally, Enterprise Days are held regularly.

  • Attendance: 

This is monitored each week based on the previous week’s attendance and announced in the weekly assemblies by the attendance officer. There is a healthy form of competition as the class attendance tally is prominently displayed at the front of the school hall. At the end of the year the winning class is rewarded and pupils with 100% attendance for the whole academic year are awarded individual trophies.

  • Display board for IIP:

Every class has a prominent display board over and above the communal boards on IIP and attendance.