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After School Clubs

We have a range of fun and exciting clubs open to children at Warwick Road School, these run after school. There are different clubs which run each half-term. Look at the list of clubs below for more information:

Autumn Term 

Autumn Term 1

Fun Science Club: The Fun Science Club was led by Mrs Adam and Mrs Kola during the first half of the Autumn term. Children were provided with the opportunity to watch spectacular scientific demonstrations, participate in enquiry-based discussions and get hands-on with science in imaginative and stimulating ways. Some of the exciting experiments that the pupils carried out included making a moving hand model, creating colourful ice tunnels and making slime!

Autumn Term 2

Chess Club: Chess is a wonderful game for developing higher order thinking skills – thinking ahead, weighing up options, thinking what about what you’d do on an opponent’s position and so on.  It can take a lifetime to become a master at chess, but getting started is quick, easy and a very valuable skill for life.  It also costs very little to get

Our after-school chess club is open to Year 5 children during the Spring Term. We’ve had a great deal of interest so far and are really hoping that this becomes a regular feature of life at Warwick Road. Soon, we hope to have a formidable school chess team and the possibility of arranging inter-school tournaments is something we have in mind for the future…

Fun Phonics Club: In order for children to achieve fluency in reading and writing they must be confident with using their phonics. The phonics club will give children the opportunity to recap and revisit phases 3, 4 and 5 of phonics through the use of interactive and practical activities. The sessions aim to ensure children feel confident with segmenting and blending in order to read and spell.

Spring Term

Spring Term 1

Movement Club – Year 1/2: The Movement Club is running every Monday throughout the Spring Term. It involves using aerobic and fitness skills through various patterns of movement.

Multi-Sports Club – Year 3/4: The Multi-Sports Club is running every Tuesday throughout the Spring Term. Children take part in a range of sports including basketball, football, cricket and rounders.

Exercise Club – Year 5/6: The Exercise Club is running every Thursday throughout the Spring Term. It is run by a qualified instructor who leads various athletic activities, relays and circuits.

Life Skills Club: Life Skill Club was aimed at the Year 3 & 4 pupils. The Club was fun and creative; we completed activities geared to develop life skills. It introduced children to the basics of everyday life skills which will set them up with skills they can use in the future.

We ran the club each Monday from 9th January, from 3.15 to 4.15. Look at our weekly plan below.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

 Looking after Life- Planting Cress-

Budgeting- Grocery Shopping

 Cooking- Making Sandwiches


Map Reading Skills- Treasure Hunt using riddles

Recycling bags

Making a tote bag out of a T-shirt to use  for life

Fire Safety & Making-

Toasted Marshmallows

Spring Term 2

Healthy Eating Club: This club will provide children with the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding about food, mealtimes and nutrition.  We will be learning about healthy and non-healthy foods and how to keep our bodies healthy by eating a balanced diet.  Children will take part in a sorting activity, sorting healthy and non-healthy foods and create healthy and non-healthy food plates.   They will learn about the importance of mealtimes and will make a super fruit smoothie, splendid sandwiches and a healthy salad.

Phonics Club: KS1 children had a fantastic opportunity to attend a phonics club for half a term. This club provided an opportunity for the children to receive extra phonics support in a practical and enjoyable way. They were given lots of opportunities to play different board games, use ICT resources and learn through singing and dancing.

Summer Term

Summer Term 1

Football Skills Club: The football club will encourage your child to learn basic football techniques as well as encouraging a healthy lifestyle. During the sessions, your child will work on skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting, heading, turning, running and more. Additionally, your child will be encouraged to understand the importance of warming up and cooling down, the different roles within the game, fair play and a positive attitude. Every child will be helped to develop their own individual skills, learn the importance of team work to help their social skills and respect for others. The teachers will always be on hand to inspire, encourage and share their passion and knowledge of the beautiful game. This club welcomes children of all abilities and whether you're male or female, we just want everyone to have fun whilst learning to play football.

Pen Pals Club: In Summer 1, children in Years 3 and 4 will have the opportunity to take part in a pen-pals after-school club. During this, children will learn to communicate with other children around the world; this will be done via e-mails. Moreover, we will send and receive gifts to our pen-pals (such as stamps, magnets or bookmarks) to highlight and celebrate both how similar and different we are. This is a great opportunity to establish new friendships.

Summer Term 2

Board Games Club: This is an exciting opportunity for Reception, Year 1 and 2 children to come together and share their favourite games with their peers.  We have a range of stimulating games available at school.  However, if children would like to bring in any of their own games that they would like to play with their friends, this is encouraged. 

At Board Game club, we promote: sharing, turn-taking, problem solving, winning, losing, commiserating and congratulating and - above all - we promote enjoyment and fun!

Cricket Club: We will be running a cricket club every Monday after school during the last half term of the year. It will run from 3.15-4.00 and be open to Year 3 & 4 children. The club will take place in the hall or ball court (weather dependent) and be limited to 20 children. The focus will be on developing basic cricket skills such as; bowling, catching, batting and throwing. Before then using these in competitive small sided mini-games. So if you think you could be the next Joe Root or Virat Kholi…come on down and have a go!