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School News

Keeping you informed

We want to keep parents informed of their child's progress, and about other activities in school. We recognise that good communication benefits the whole school community.

In this section you will find information about everything that is happening in and outside of our school as well as photographs and videos of our amazing children in action.

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  • Y4 Trip to the Rainbow Factory

    Published 29/03/19

    On Friday 29th March, Year 4 visited the Rainbow Factory in Leeds.  Through theatre, interactive story telling and arts and crafts, the children explored the Stone Age.  The unique experience transported them to this prehistoric period. 

    The children learned all about how people used to hunt for food, the weapons that they used, communication through symbols, the animals that lived in prehistoric times and the day to day life.

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  • Mayor Visit

    Published 29/03/19

    The Mayor of Kirklees, Councillor Gwen Lowe, made a special visit to Warwick Road Primary School.  Councillor Lowe delivered an inspirational assembly about her childhood ambitions before meeting with the school councillors for a guided tour of the school.  She finished her visit by having a school dinner with some of the year 6 children.



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  • YR Visit to Yorkshire Wildlife Park

    Published 27/03/19

    What an amazing day Reception had at Yorkshire Wildlife Park.  We started our day excited to see our favourite animals. First, we saw the meerkats and next a pride of fierce lions.

    We met a pair of addax, one that looked quite like a unicorn with only one horn. Some of our children got very close to the wallabies and their baby joeys which we called ‘pouch potatoes’.

    We noticed the wild hogs digging for food with their snouts. Asroboa the monkey from our story ‘The Leopard’s Drum’ showed his super climbing skills by jumping and leaping from branch to branch.

    We met so many of the animals from The Leopard's Drum and Handa's Surprise. 

    Time to head to the classroom to put our knowledge to the test and learn some more! We practised our roar and learned more about the characteristics of our favourite animals.

    We found the other horn, and Onini the python! The camel's winter fur was stinky and, if we listened carefully, the cockroaches hissed like snakes.

    Our brave children even held some of the slimy snails.

    We were lucky enough to see the lemurs at feeding time and despite the rain, they came up really close.  There were smiles all round regardless of the weather.   The weather brightened up as soon as we met Osebo the leopard. We think he was still upset that Achi Cheri tricked him into losing his drum to the Nyame. He looked up at the sky all day.

    We wondered why the polar bear's fur wasn’t as white as we thought it would be.  

    Finally, we met Achi Cheri the tortoise, she moved extremely slow. It must have taken her a long time to push Osebo’s drum all the way to Nyame!

    We saw many more animals and we had such an exciting day. 

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  • World Book Day 2019

    Published 07/03/19

    A good book can take you to another place.

    On Thursday 7th March 2019,  when the children came into school, they found their classrooms had transformed into scenes from well known books.  Previously ordinary rooms had transformed into streets, chocolate factories and even the Antarctic. The children spent all day surrounded by stories and the characters who live in them.

    Children and staff had an amazing day and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

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  • YR Trip to Kola shop

    Published 28/01/19

    On Wednesday, 23rd January, the Reception children headed on a quest to find healthy food at Kola’s shop.

    Throughout this half-term, the children have been learning about a healthy lifestyle and they were excited to have the opportunity to make their own healthy choices.  Before the children set off on their trip, we wrote a shopping list together and discussed which foods we could buy that are healthy. After writing our list (which we took with us), we set off on our quest. When we arrived, the children browsed the outside of the shop and showed a great interest in all of the different foods available.  Each child had 50p each to spend and confidently chose the fruit or vegetable that they wanted - some even put their money together to buy more expensive items such as grapes and strawberries.

    We ended our trip by walking back to school and looking at all the colourful, healthy fruit we had bought.

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  • Y3 Visit York's Chocolate Story

    Published 21/01/19

    On Tuesday 15th January 2019, Year 3 had the fantastic opportunity to experience how chocolate is made and where it comes from.

    We first visited York’s Chocolate Story; we had so much fun discovering the age of different chocolate bar brands. E.g. KitKat is as old as 1957.  We found out that chocolate starts from cocoa beans which, in its original taste, is very bitter and not so tasty! We even got to make our own white chocolate lollipops with caramel, strawberry and orange flavoured chocolatey toppings! After, we saw a chocolatier make shells of chocolate filled with cherry ganache.

    We were very lucky to be part of a workshop where we talked about the characters in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and discussed ideas for an invention room. We worked in groups and thought hard about another room we could create as an addition to Willy Wonka’s factory.  We also created more chocolate – this time, we made bubble-gum flavour with a wallpaper pattern on the back! 

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