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Keeping you informed

We want to keep parents informed of their child's progress, and about other activities in school. We recognise that good communication benefits the whole school community.

In this section you will find information about everything that is happening in and outside of our school as well as photographs and videos of our amazing children in action.

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  • Year 6 at York

    Published 02/02/18


    'In relation to their 'Peasants, Princes and Pesticides' Creative Curriculum unit, the Year 6 children went on a trip to York Dungeon on 2nd February 2017. We travelled back in time to when The Plague had spread across Europe - and had now reached York. We were guided to 'The Doctor's Surgery' where we came face to face with the 'Doctor's Assistant' who delighted in demonstrating the full effects of the Plague in a graphic, theatrical, worryingly enthusiastic and gory way.

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  • Batley Library Closure

    Published 26/01/18

    On 26th January, three children from Warwick Road Primary School, Maryam Daji, Mufais Mohammed and Maroof Vachhiyat, ventured to Batley Library. Dismayed to learn that there were murmurs that the library might be closed, the children wrote a library detailing why this should not be the case.

    During the public meeting, the children were invited on stage to read their letter aloud. They received a round of applause. A copy of the letter was taken to be framed in the library.

    Additionally, a local journalistic was also at the event, and chose to write an article on it - this was published on the 2nd February, and an online version can be found below.

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  • Year 3 Visit Tesco

    Published 24/01/18

    On Wednesday children in Y3 had the opportunity to visit Tesco as part of their creative curriculum topic. Children split into 4 groups and each group had the opportunity to investigate fair trade products and what they are and investigate where different vegetables are grown. Children also investigated which fruits and vegetables can be brought fresh, frozen and tinned. All the children were given £1.50 to spend in Tesco on fruit, children grouped together to buy more exotic fruit which was more expensive. At the end of our trip children were able to use the self-checkout to pay for the fruit.


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  • Y1 Visit Chester Zoo

    Published 15/01/18

    Year 1 had an exciting opportunity to explore the wildlife and immersive habitats of Chester Zoo. The children were in awe of all the amazing animals at the zoo. We encountered many different species during our visit and were able to take a close look at them. We saw elephants, tigers, monkeys, gorillas, lions, anacondas and many other animals! We were fascinated with how they looked and moved and learnt lots of interesting facts about them!

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  • Pippa Pixley visits Warwick Road

    Published 20/11/17

    On Thursday 16th November and Friday 17th November, Warwick Road was visited by the author, Pippa Pixley.  Pippa is a writer and illustrator who travels the country sharing her experiences with children.  Pippa began her visit with a whole-school assembly, before visiting individual classrooms to deliver engaging, interactive sessions.  She carried out workshops designed to guide children through the creation of their own stories and illustrations.  Every child was given the opportunity to create something of their own: a character, a page spread, a pop-up book. 

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  • Power of One Anti-Bullying

    Published 15/11/17
    Warwick Road Primary School’s children were lucky to take part in “The Power of One” anti-bullying show recently. Actors came in and used boxes, colours, and masks to vividly portray what bullying is, what can be done about it, and how every child has the power of one, the power to report and deal with bullying when they see it. The performance:
    • Explained the different roles in bullying: Bully, Target, and Bystander.
    • Showed examples of different types of bullying: Physical, Verbal, Exclusion, and Cyber bullying.
    • Alerted children that Targets need help and intervention.
    • Encouraged students not to be bystanders.
    • Emphasized the need for individual action to make the community a safer, better place.
    • Referred children to parents, adults, and teachers for further assistance and instruction.
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